But my Delhi escort girl must be sexy and elegant

Posted on : March 6, 20

This guy called us last night. What a funny guy!
He was trying to speak in a British accent but it made him only sound idiotic. He first said that he wanted to spend time with Reshma then he said that he wanted Galina then he said that they are 3 friends and they want 3 different girls. He said now they want Aamna, Rakshanda and Vanessa. He pronounced Vanessa as “Vaneesha”. I said we don’t have Vaneesha, and not to mock him, but because I was unable to understand who is he talking about.
He said they wanted the girls for entire night. He claimed that they are staying at the Iris Park Hotel in Safdarjung Enclave. He asked me about the charges, I told him 30, 000 INR per girl for entire night, he said that his friend availed our services once and he paid only Rs. 2000 for Sayema for overnight. I couldn’t stop laughing. I am still laughing as I am writing the post. Our charges are non-negotiable and we never charged anybody Rs. 2000 in our entire career. Please don’t make up stories when you call us, only say as it is, don’t try to be smart.

Tired of this one Prank Caller

Posted on : February 25

From the last 3 weeks, we are getting calls from this one guy who sounds so cocky, arrogant and stupid. None of our team member feels like speaking to him and we have gained this intuitive power over the years when we can smell a troll over the phone. Out of our professionalism we speak to him each time, he calls with a different JIO number every time and switches off the phone after he claims to have reached our incall venue. If you are that troll and reading this, listen man, get a life, do something, make money and then come to us. If you are an impotent or castrated, never call us again.

Housewife Escorts that spend 10% of their income on Charities

Posted on : February 21

The founder and team of CoverGirls Delhi is neutral about the charity. We believe that it is good to donate to a charity if and only if it is confirm that the NGO or whoever you are donating your precious and hard-earned money to is a genuine person. We never donate in charities as we believe that they are mostly filled with corrupt people, but our housewife escorts, on an average donate 10% of their income on charities. We ask them not to and even if you do, make sure that the people you are donating to are genuine people.

They say that they are 100% sure that the receivers are genuine people. Our housewife escorts have huge hearts inside their shapely bodies.

Hiring same Delhi escort lady all the times

Posted on : February 17

Some gentlemen after experiencing extraordinary fun with one of our escort girls in New Delhi, ask for the same person over and over again. Each and every lady working with Cover Girls Delhi provides nothing but extraordinary fun, we urge you to not get obsessed with one lady and enjoy each and every gem that our amazing escorts agency has to offer. We understand that your experience with other providers might have been bad but you are dealing with Cover Girls Delhi now, we provide nothing but heavenly moments on earth. We are the pride of New Delhi, better than the best.

Men and Women are Made for Each Other Not for the Pixels

Posted on : February 12

Conspiracies are boring. Conspiracy theories may sound fun to some, but they are very boring in reality.

Porn became mainstream in the sexy 70s. Kay Parker, Honey Wilder, Aunt Peg, Seka, etc were household names in the 70s. 

Please don’t think that we are promoting the porn industry here. We have nothing to do with the porn industry. We are neither against nor in favor of porn. We just want to convey what we feel about certain things here.

Before becoming mainstream and even after the porn had become mainstream, several people in the media, very few in the Hollywood; about half of the politicians and most of the general public of USA were against the porn. Still, they found it prudent to make it mainstream almost like Hollywood Movies.

Every decent society knew the harms of drugs long before the 70s. They never considered porn to be as a drug. If the scientists claim that it works similar to a drug, perhaps it does for certain people or maybe for most people.

The number of websites that popped up in a recent couple of years claiming porn to be more destructive than most illegal drugs is staggering. We received a mail yesterday from a similar website that goes by the name Fight the New Drug, FTND in short. Why are they mailing us? Is there propaganda behind the scene? We checked the website, and it looked more like a scam. They are asking for donations on their website, have an online store on the same website tha.....      Read More

The Tough Competition Among New Delhi's Escort Agencies is Quite Popular but...

Posted on : February 4,

Gone are the days when Journalists from Newspaper and News Channels used to call us almost every day and offered huge amounts of cash to have an interview with our Russian girls. We are too happy about the same because not only us, but every escort agency and independent escort girl used to refuse them. They couldn't ever get a single interview from the real person.

What they did next was nothing less than a comedy flick. One TV News Channel hired a cheaper from the NOIDA Film City and asked him some questions like:-

1.      What is the reason behind escort agencies recruiting Air Hostesses and Models to work for them?

Answer by Cheaper – Competition (Shivering)

2.      What has made escort agencies in New Delhi so technologically advanced over the years?

Answer by Cheaper – Competition (Shivering)

3.      Do you have Russian girls working with you?

Answer by Cheaper – Yes, I do. Just because of tough competition.

4.      What is the profit ratio in the escort business?

Answer by Cheaper – It used to be great but is very tight nowadays, because of the tough competition.

The interview was full of comedy, but I can’t recall more moments. I will make another post if I get to recall other questions and answers of the interview.

Who were the top 5 female escorts of New Delhi in the year 2016?

Posted on : January 23,

1. Galina - Delhi has always been obsessed with Blonde Russian girls and that's one of the reasons why Galina is our no.1 escort girl for more than a year. No doubt that her young and a great body at this young age played a big role in the same but one of the major reasons behind her being no.1 is her nationality and blonde hair.


2. Vanessa - Vanessa is one of the very few Latin escort girls in New Delhi and we find it very astonishing that she has never been able to be the no.1 female escort in New Delhi. She has got it all - the body, face, curves, smile, appetite for fun, and much more. She has been with us for 2 years and her client retention rate is unbelievable, still she is no.2.


3. Reshma - The word stunning doesn't do justice to Reshma's curves. Reshma has been working with us for 3 years and although she ranks no.3 on Delhi chart, she is without a doubt, the hottest escort lady in Gurgaon.


4. Sayema - Sayema drives every man she meets crazy for her. Sayema could be Delhi's hottest escort if she wasn't busy traveling around the world with her regular clients.


5. Anushka - Anushka has been with us for only about 8 months and becoming the 5th most popular Delhi escort in a matter of only 240 days is a big-big deal. Anushka is a pretty face with a bubbly personality and nice body. We are sure that she will be the no.1 Delhi escort one day, w.....      Read More

Young, Curvy and Delicious Indian Escort Babe, Reshma is now a Gurgaon Resident

Posted on : January 2,

Great News for the Gurgaon Residents and Visitors!

Queen of curves – Reshma has now permanently shifted to Sector 28, Gurugram. She is available for incall services at the White Lotus Hotel in DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon. Sorry, she cannot provide in-call services at her house as she lives with her family there.

Delhites needn’t be sad; she will continue providing outcall services in South Delhi and South-West Delhi. Reshma is available from 11am to 1am, 7 days of the week.

The room at the White Lotus Hotel will have to be booked by the client, we know the owner of the hotel personally and hence we guarantee a smooth transaction.

How Media Manipulates Young Minds? How can women put on lean muscle?

Posted on : December 23

We have been told for millenniums what to look like and what not. Until the early 1970s, a hairy man used to be looked upon as a man of virility and valor. Today, a hairy man is considered cheap and slobby.

In the 1910s, a lady having a long neck, sloped shoulders and big curls with a little curvy body was considered stunning. Gibson Girl Evelyn Nesbit used to look just like this and became the world’s first supermodel. She used to be considered as the world’s most beautiful woman back in the day.

In the 1920s, Mary Pickford, a five feet tall woman used to be cited as the ideal archetype of a gorgeous woman. Cleavage was gone! A flat-chested look was all the rage. Almost every woman wanted to look as petite and vertically straight as an arrow.

In the 1930s, Jean Harlow, a blonde actress ruled the beauty scene with her 34B bust and a slightly thick waist.

Then in the 1940s, every woman wanted to look like Katherine Hepburn and Lauren Bacall, in the 1950s every wanted the hourglass figure of Elizabeth Taylor or Marilyn Monroe, in the 1960s, Jean Shrimpton and Sophia Loren, 1970s Farrah Fawcett, 1980s Elle Macpherson, 1990s Kate Moss, 2000s Giselle Bundchen and nowadays its none other than Kim Kardashian.

Woman of today is smart enough to know what is right and what is wrong for her. She knows that the mainstream media is nothing but a Fool-maker.

Physically strong women have always been admired in certai.....      Read More

Teotihuacan City and its Ancient Erotic Depictions Explored

Posted on : November 16

Each and every ancient civilization was obsessed with erotic depictions. Several civilizations believed that the woman going through a sexual hysteria is not a common lady but a Goddess.

Several professors and historians claim that there was a ritual among the young men of Teotihuacan city where they used to worship the woman having sexual hysteria and the man whom the Goddess selected was considered to be an extremely lucky and blessed man and he would become the husband of that woman. The couple was encouraged to have sex until the woman becomes pregnant.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the Native Americans of the Pre-Columbian era used to live very differently than the Europeans, Asians, Mughals, Arabs, Indians, Jews, etc.  Perhaps, they were much more intelligent than all of us, as their life was not as complex as ours, the lived a very simple and comfortable life.

The men of the Pre-Columbian America are depicted as very fit and strong. They also knew the benefits of physical exercise and hence, they never used any animal to carry the adobe bricks, mud-bricks and whatever else they used to build their buildings and stuff.

Most of the Native Americans and especially the best of them were wiped out by the Europeans, so perhaps we will never know the exact truth. We will soon talk more about the ancient erotic depictions in our upcoming posts though.

Ichadhari Baba Bhimanand - New Delhi's Joker of the Century

Posted on : October 30,

In the February of 2010, a man whose real name is Shiv Murat Dwivedi was caught operating a sex (prostitution) racket. The media like usual exaggerated things and claimed the guy was a kingpin, having assets worth over Rs. 25, 000 crore (400 Million US Dollar). He didn't even have assets worth Rs. 25 crore, let us assure you.

The media said that he had 600 high profile girls working with him, but yet they could locate only 6 of them. The fact is, he had only about 10 girls and 2 of them were Air-Hostesses.

He was first caught in the year 1997 and he used to look like a normal average guy back then. He didn't become a godman until the 1998. After immense torture in jail by the cops and the fellow prisoners, he decided to never commit a crime voluntarily again.

After being released from the jail, he became a priest at a Sai Temple in his hometown. From the very beginning, he was interested in worshipping Sai Baba and he is a Brahmin by caste which made it much easier for him to become a priest.

Soon afterwards, he started to miss his old lifestyle of flash and luxury, then finally he moved back to Delhi and made a very clever move of doing both the jobs simultaneously, while he was building his petty empire of prostitution in the night, he was also doing Satsangs and Sai Sandhyas in the mornings and evenings.

He became even bigger than what he was back in 1997, but he never could have dreamed of becoming what the medi.....      Read More

Superb High-Class NRI Young Female Model Escort in Sahibabad for 3 Days

Posted on : October 28,

Ghaziabad doesn't have a single elite class resident escort agency at the moment. We get calls from here everyday asking whether we would be able to provide someone here. Some prospects get ready to pay triple the amount of what it costs in Delhi but until now we were seldom able to send someone down to them.

Our previous plan was to rent a nice and neat penthouse somewhere in Indirapuram which we could get for somewhere around Rs. 30, 000 easily and send two of our aphrodites to live there which most likely would have been Aamna and Anushka as they both get along really well and a threesome with them is something unparalleled but then we thought it would be a bit hectic move for a place which we don't have enough idea about how much business we will be getting from here.

Then we thought of booking a room for 3 days at some nice hotel in Ghaziabad or Sahibabad, Country Inn & Suites by Carlson seemed like a good idea, we checked the price for a suite here which was much lower than we expected, Rs. 8000 a day for a 800-square-foot-room.

The room is very spacious, has a writing desk, mini bar, LCD TV, a King Bed, a daybed, and many other modern day facilities.

Our overseas Indian escort from Chile - Anushka is staying here for the next 3 days. Feel free to book an appointment with her.

Hot North Indian Teen Escort Palak at the Surya Palace Hotel, Sector 31, NOIDA

Posted on : October 16,

In our attempt to provide a fine incall escort service in NOIDA city, we have booked our hot teen escort girl Palak a room at the Surya Palace Hotel in Sector 31, NOIDA for the next 5 days which means that she will be available here from Monday to Firday this week.

Palak is a very friendly, understanding and kinky girl with a hobby of a making everyone around her happy. Palak is only nineteen but she is more experienced than most the 30+ women out there.

Palak can also do some strip dance and lap dance for you for no extra charge if she finds you good-looking and nice to her.

We chose Surya Palace Hotel because they gave us a great deal for their suite room and we mostly prefer nice boutique hotels over major ones.

The room is pretty big, about 45 square yards with a fast wi fi connection, king size double bed and of course, our sexy Palak lying right next to you on that bed increasing the temperature of the room.

Fit & Hot Latin Companion Dulce at the Golden Palms Hotel & Spa, Patparganj, East Delhi

Posted on : October 11,

Our superfit Venezuelan escort girl Dulce is available from Monday afternoon till Friday morning at the Golden Palms Hotel & Spa, Patparganj.

Dulce is one of the first Latinas in our portfolio to join us. We met her through a Craigslist ad where she had put her old undies for sale. We contacted her and she said that she’s never worked as an escort before. She never even worked as a dancer.

After a long talk she agreed and we sent her ticket to New Delhi. After only working for a couple of days, she decided to never go back.

Dulce can speak fluent English and Spanish (two of the most spoken languages). Dulce is a very lovely, chatty, friendly and raunchy lady with a great sense of humor.

We chose the Golden Palms Hotel & Spa for our attempt to provide a high class Latin escort female in East Delhi because it is the best hotel that we could find here at an affordable price, other hotels in East Delhi couldn’t compare at the price plus they offered us a very good discount.

They have only 48 rooms and that is also one of the most significant reasons for us to choose this hotel as our girl Dulce doesn’t appreciate crowdie places so much.

The hotel also has a very popular restaurant that goes by the name ‘Ambrosia’. Ambrosia offers a very warm and relaxing atmosphere with delicious Chinese and North Indian food.

Young Curly & Curvy Punjabi Escort Girl Lovinder Available for Incalls at Almondz Hotel, Patel Nagar

Posted on : October 4,

Cover Girls Delhi Agency is always the first one in National Capital Region to innovate. West Delhi has a couple of escort agencies but none of those is able to compete with its counterparts in South and Central Delhi.

We have gone a step further again and booked our curvy & curly Punjabi young girl Lovinder a club room in the Almondz Hotel in Patel Nagar for 3 days.

We chose Lovinder for the purpose because West Delhi is a Punjabi dominated area and Lovinder is a Sikh lady fluent in English, Punjabi & Hindi.

We were thinking about sending Dulce there before and Dulce was also willing to go there but then we thought sending Lovinder would be a better option.

Almondz is a relatively new hotel in Patel Nagar, West Delhi. It’s a boutique hotel that offers four different categories for rooms:- Premium, Executive, Club & Suite with tariff starting from Rs. 4500.

Lovinder is available for incalls at the Almondz for the next 3 days and if this part of the town has enough business, we will send more of our girls there for your pleasure and happiness.

Young Busty Escort Girl Kaya Available for Incalls in Vivek Vihar, East Delhi

Posted on : September 2

We have taken our first initiation to provide an upscale incall escort service in East Delhi. This part of Delhi has always lacked a high class female escort agency and Cover Girls Delhi has been eyeing this area for years but due to a very low number of elite clients and no girl willing to settle here, we never could arrange for an inbound service here.

Now, we have agreed our sexy Indian chic Kaya to stay at the Ginger Hotel Vivek Vihar for 3 days and if everything goes as expected, we will continue operating in this part of the city.

We didn't compromise on the quality at all in our endeavor to provide the East Delhi with an elite class escort service. We have placed one of our classiest, hottest and most charismatic girls here to entertain this part of the capital.

How Mahipalpur's Cheap Provider Ruined the Million Dollar a Year Russian Escorts Industry in Delhi?

Posted on : September 1

There was a time in Delhi until the mid 2000s when if any agency in New Delhi promised you a Russian escort girl, you were sure to get a Russian girl from Moscow, St. Petersburg, or Kazan, but then came these cheapers who infiltrated the New Delhi's prosperous, stylish and honest escort industry in 2007 and 2008. Most of them arrived in the years 2007, 2008 and 2009.

They started providing Turkeminstani and Uzbekistani girls disguised as Russians and they ruined the industry for every one of us. All the clients started suspecting even the Real Agencies like Cover Girls Delhi.

The price for a 2 hour session with a Russian girl has been stuck at Rs. 15, 000 since 1999. Its been 17 years and we haven't been able to raise the price for our exclusive services even though the Russian girls now cost us so much more than they did in 1999.

All the credit goes to those cheapers residing in Mahipalpur. They charge only Rs. 10, 000 for a Uzbeki or a Turkmeni girl and disguise her as a Russian.

Superb Escort Models for Delhi Aerocity Hotels

Posted on : September 1

Delhi Aerocity Project was originally proposed by the GMR Group in 2006 as part of the modernisation plan of the Indira Gandhi International Airport. As per the plan proposed by GMR Group, the area was supposed to have 12 hotels with a capacity of 4000 plus rooms in both luxury and budget categories.

Initially, the Government of Delhi didn't care about the plan when it was first proposed by the GMR Group but in 2007, when it was decided that Commonwealth Games 2010 will take place in Delhi. The Government thought that it is a brilliant plan to develop an area like this by the international airport.

It hasn't been done exactly the way GMR Group wanted it the government went by a similar plan. Today, the Aerocity area totals 45 acres and has 16 Hotels, both luxury (5 Star) and Budget (2, 3 and 4 Star). The 3 Star Hotel Category includes Hotel Delhi Aerocity, the 4 Star Hotels include Lemon Tree Premier Aerocity, Red Fox, Holiday Inn, 5 Star Hotels include Hotel Pullman, Hotel Novotel, JW Marriott.

Aerocity's Luxury and 4 Star Hotels accommodate Business People and other VIPs primarily, unlike most other luxury hotels in New Delhi. Our experience has always been great with both the clients staying in Aerocity and the hotels. They never stopped any of our girls and the Aerocity's guests are people that value their own and other people's time.

Lal Haveli - The Living Proof of India's Love for Beauty and Fun

Posted on : August 30,

Lal Haveli is perhaps the most popular brothel in the entire Indian subcontinent today. The place is home to the very popular Pakistani Politician Sheikh Rasheed for about 2 decades.

Sheikh Rasheed is so infatuated with the place that he didn't care about his political image being tarnished due to living here. He just moved in and he did so with a great courage.

"The madam of this place is said to be the only person who owned a car in the whole Rawalpindi city in the 1900s. The car used to run on coal." - Sheikh Rasheed

The residence also used to have a large masjid and a mandir inside. Apparently, so that the clients can placate their guilts afterwards.

What is there to be guilty? We do not understand. First, you go to this place to do it. Then you confess that you committed a sin. Then, next day you also do the same. Some people just do not understand their own biological drive. It is simply human to do it. If you have taken a vow of celibacy then it is a different story. All the so-called celibates are hypocrites and liars. It is impossible to become a celibate.

Lal Haveli is the living proof of Indian open-mindedness. The people used to understand the biological drive here and they really knew how to have fun.

Connaught Place New Delhi Escort Girls providing Friends With Benefits Services

Posted on : August 29,

Our Connaught Place escort girls maintain close relationships with their clients if the client wants to. You can call and ask her questions like "What do I buy my girlfriend on her birthday?", "What do I buy my wife to make her happy?", "Where should I take out my wife this weekend?".

You can ask her to do when you are in a dilemma regarding women.

It is known by our regular clients and mentioned on our website that we offer GFE Escort Services but our girls can also behave and act like Friends With Benefits.

FWB Service is nowhere as popular with escort agencies as PSE or GFE and perhaps it has never been mentioned before anywhere on an escort site throughout the world. Maybe, some Reddit verbal wanker have talked about it, we are not sure, we have not read it somewhere on Reddit either, we are just making a rough guess.

Cover Girls Delhi is popular for innovating and satisfying, we bring you the fun and joy that nobody else can and hence this FWB service by our agency.

Intelligent yet Sexy Escort Girls now available in Connaught Place

Posted on : August 21,

I was watching Jackie Mason on Dolly Parton's show last night and I couldn't stop laughing when Jackie said Who cares about a girl's intelligence? Have you ever seen a guy asking the Bartender "Do you know a girl here who is good in arithmetic?"

This is partially correct. Jackie has never run an escort agency so he will never know the true value of a woman's intelligence.

While this is true that nobody ever asked us whether the girl is a bimbo or a genius, our exceptionally intelligent girls - Aamna, Kaya, Krati and Galina have a far high client retention rate than their not-so-intelligent counterparts.

The intelligence matters a lot when you are looking for some travel companion, a long-term companionship and even when you are looking for an overnight service. It doesn't matter much when you are just after a short duration old style hanky-panky.

Need Model Female Escorts in Delhi who stay at 5-Star Hotels?

Posted on : August 19,

Over the decades of operation, we have learnt several things and one of those things is giving the client guarantee that our incall location is safe and exclusive.

We have built a reputation over the decades for providing a service to the clients that is secondary to none and providing the ladies only decent and regular elite clients who can never hurt a woman in their dreams.

Unfortunately, they do not give awards to escort agencies in India, if there was one, we would win it each year. And they do not mention escort services in leading international journals, if they did you would see us there all the time.

Many international and local models come to New Delhi for a photoshoot every week, we are familiar with many of them and they work exclusively for Cover Girls Delhi. They all stay in 5-Star Hotels here and whenever they are in Delhi, they call us to let us know that they are available for this much time in Delhi and you can call your clients to our room.

We know that it is nothing new for our elite clients but for the most ordinary men, it is a dream.

You are all welcome to Our Latest Greater Kailash Part 2 Incall Venue

Posted on : August 15,

We have established our latest incall venue in the commercial heart of South Delhi, i.e., Greater Kailash Part 2. Greater Kailash is one of the oldest localities in New Delhi and one of the most posh too. It may not be as expensive as Golf Links, Aurangzeb Road, Vasant Vihar, etc but is without a doubt more popular than them all.

Now, a little about our venue, it is a 4 bedroom builder floor with all the necessary amenities like central air conditioning, Jacuzzi, car parking, etc.

We have 3 of our Latin girls staying here as room partners and they are all there for you. You are all welcome to taste the sweet curves of these Latin beauties.

Our Latin Girls are available from 11am to 1am 7 days a week.

We Don't Want No Nepali Girls Rant

Posted on : August 11,

We get calls from people who would first ask about our sexy Russian, Indian or Latin escorts and then all of a sudden they reply "We don't want no Nepalis". Do not want to sound unprofessional here but "Are you nuts?"

You can see the portfolio page of our website, Does any of the girls looks like she is from Nepal? Have we mentioned anywhere that we do have girls from Nepal also? While you asked us for some Russian, Indian or Latin escort, we answered you about that, then where did the Nepal come from? All those callers sound troll to us and I don't remember the last time any of those guys visited our place.

India is a poor country, thus, lots of people who want to avail the service but can't afford it, when they have no way of getting what they want, they do prank calls and then jack off thinking about some girl on our portfolio. Don't be a wanker dude, go out make some money, bang your favorite chic and have the time of your life.

Should there be a Standard Price for Female Escorts in Delhi?

Posted on : August 10,

The escort industry in New Delhi has become so competitive that there is no way you can survive without keeping the services at a very high level and the prices as down as possible.

There are escort agencies (cheap escort agencies) in Delhi which are charging as low as Rs.3000 per session. We call these agencies Miasmic Agencies. No offence to the agency managers, the girls working with them or the clients to these agencies but there should be a category these sort of agencies must be placed into. It is not right right to call them escort agencies.

Their venues, their escorts and everything related to them is way below par. If you want world class escort service, Delhi is the place to come to but there is a price to pay and you must be shrewd enough to select which agency is the real deal.

Our prices start from 10,000 INR for 2 hours and our ladies are all high class, sophisticated and educated ones. Show us a better agency serving at the same price and we will start working for that agency.

Hope that you will select your Delhi escort agency with lots of shrewdness.

Thanks for reading!

Are Escort Agencies getting Smarter or Dumber?

Posted on : August 9, 2

We are an old school escort agency and we have experienced that the old school escort agencies are getting smarter only while the new entrants are full of s***. Most of them are pretending as they are independent escorts while they are not and many of them are husbands and wives. The husband acting as the manager and the wife working as an escort. We do not have anything against couples but at least do not pretend to be independent and some even do not know the difference between independent and independence. I read somewhere "I am an Independence Escort,"

Conclusion: Escort Agencies are getting smarter and they have always been getting smarter while the pretenders are dumb and they are always busy becoming dumber.

The Feminist Revolution and The Escorts Movement

Posted on : August 6, 2

India has also realized by now that women are not to be locked inside the room but rather go out and have a good time like men and work like men do. Cover Girls Delhi's approach is a little different in this matter. Of course, we know for sure that women ought not to be oppressed and we also advocate free love.

We say that women should not be locked up in the room and along with that, we believe that they should be sent to the rooms of different gentlemen and sometimes even ladies and we have been doing that for decades. We have been sending our sexy New Delhi escort girls to the rooms of our clients and also we do provide incall services so that our male or female clients can also visit our hot girls at their room.

The Secret of Ivan Drago's Great Strength, Health, Looks, Will and Ambition

Posted on : August 5, 2

Yes, you guessed it right. Ivan Drago used to enjoy different positions with different women every night and most of the time they were Russian ladies as he was a Russian himself living in Russia.

They say that Drago was cold, yes of course he was, and he lived in one of the coldest regions on earth. LOL! Bad Joke! He was not cold; the guy was into himself so much that he hardly had any time to care for someone else.

We elaborate about only the things we have been by and the will and ambition depends upon the amount of joy that you have in your life.

Why no bodybuilder escorts at Cover Girls Delhi?

Posted on : July 19, 20

In 2016, bodybuilder females are the most sought-after escorts. We are amazed to see the rising demand for such ladies in this year. But unfortunately, we haven't got a call from any bodybuilder lady who said that she would like to work with us. We would definitely love to recruit a sexy woman who loves to lift.

Most of the girls that you see on our portfolio page are also very regular to the gym but none of them is passionate about bodybuilding.

If you are a female bodybuilder and would like to work with us, please call us on the number given on our website.

Pakistani Columnist Hassan Nisar would Welcome High Class Escort Agencies in his Country?

Posted on : July 19, 20

Radical Pakistani Columnist Hassan Nisar is popular not only in his home country but all over the Indian Subcontinent for his revolutionary ideas and policies that he would like to be implemented in his country. He even once said that Casinos also should be made legal in Pakistan and all the girls if they think it is hot, then should wear shorts.

From our own experience, if you wander the streets of Karachi, the financial capital of Pakistan, for hours, you won't find a single girl wearing shorts. Even wearing jeans and shirt is considered vulgar in most parts of the Pakistan. Forget about Jeans and Shirt, even wearing a Salwar-Suit is something that is considered lewd in almost half of the Pakistan.

Looking at the Mr Nisar's columns, it seems like he would welcome top-notch escort agencies for the entertainment of his countrymen. He is not in the politics and we don't think that he will ever be, but if by any chance he gets elected and comes to power, we would be the first high class Indian escort agency to have its branch in Pakistan.