Should there be a Standard Price for Female Escorts in Delhi?

Posted on : August 10,

The escort industry in New Delhi has become so competitive that there is no way you can survive without keeping the services at a very high level and the prices as down as possible.

There are escort agencies (cheap escort agencies) in Delhi which are charging as low as Rs.3000 per session. We call these agencies Miasmic Agencies. No offence to the agency managers, the girls working with them or the clients to these agencies but there should be a category these sort of agencies must be placed into. It is not right right to call them escort agencies.

Their venues, their escorts and everything related to them is way below par. If you want world class escort service, Delhi is the place to come to but there is a price to pay and you must be shrewd enough to select which agency is the real deal.

Our prices start from 10,000 INR for 2 hours and our ladies are all high class, sophisticated and educated ones. Show us a better agency serving at the same price and we will start working for that agency.

Hope that you will select your Delhi escort agency with lots of shrewdness.

Thanks for reading!