We Don't Want No Nepali Girls Rant

Posted on : August 11,

We get calls from people who would first ask about our sexy Russian, Indian or Latin escorts and then all of a sudden they reply "We don't want no Nepalis". Do not want to sound unprofessional here but "Are you nuts?"

You can see the portfolio page of our website, Does any of the girls looks like she is from Nepal? Have we mentioned anywhere that we do have girls from Nepal also? While you asked us for some Russian, Indian or Latin escort, we answered you about that, then where did the Nepal come from? All those callers sound troll to us and I don't remember the last time any of those guys visited our place.

India is a poor country, thus, lots of people who want to avail the service but can't afford it, when they have no way of getting what they want, they do prank calls and then jack off thinking about some girl on our portfolio. Don't be a wanker dude, go out make some money, bang your favorite chic and have the time of your life.