Intelligent yet Sexy Escort Girls now available in Connaught Place

Posted on : August 21,

I was watching Jackie Mason on Dolly Parton's show last night and I couldn't stop laughing when Jackie said Who cares about a girl's intelligence? Have you ever seen a guy asking the Bartender "Do you know a girl here who is good in arithmetic?"

This is partially correct. Jackie has never run an escort agency so he will never know the true value of a woman's intelligence.

While this is true that nobody ever asked us whether the girl is a bimbo or a genius, our exceptionally intelligent girls - Aamna, Kaya, Krati and Galina have a far high client retention rate than their not-so-intelligent counterparts.

The intelligence matters a lot when you are looking for some travel companion, a long-term companionship and even when you are looking for an overnight service. It doesn't matter much when you are just after a short duration old style hanky-panky.