Lal Haveli - The Living Proof of India's Love for Beauty and Fun

Posted on : August 30,

Lal Haveli is perhaps the most popular brothel in the entire Indian subcontinent today. The place is home to the very popular Pakistani Politician Sheikh Rasheed for about 2 decades.

Sheikh Rasheed is so infatuated with the place that he didn't care about his political image being tarnished due to living here. He just moved in and he did so with a great courage.

"The madam of this place is said to be the only person who owned a car in the whole Rawalpindi city in the 1900s. The car used to run on coal." - Sheikh Rasheed

The residence also used to have a large masjid and a mandir inside. Apparently, so that the clients can placate their guilts afterwards.

What is there to be guilty? We do not understand. First, you go to this place to do it. Then you confess that you committed a sin. Then, next day you also do the same. Some people just do not understand their own biological drive. It is simply human to do it. If you have taken a vow of celibacy then it is a different story. All the so-called celibates are hypocrites and liars. It is impossible to become a celibate.

Lal Haveli is the living proof of Indian open-mindedness. The people used to understand the biological drive here and they really knew how to have fun.