Ichadhari Baba Bhimanand - New Delhi's Joker of the Century

Posted on : October 30,

In the February of 2010, a man whose real name is Shiv Murat Dwivedi was caught operating a sex (prostitution) racket. The media like usual exaggerated things and claimed the guy was a kingpin, having assets worth over Rs. 25, 000 crore (400 Million US Dollar). He didn't even have assets worth Rs. 25 crore, let us assure you.

The media said that he had 600 high profile girls working with him, but yet they could locate only 6 of them. The fact is, he had only about 10 girls and 2 of them were Air-Hostesses.

He was first caught in the year 1997 and he used to look like a normal average guy back then. He didn't become a godman until the 1998. After immense torture in jail by the cops and the fellow prisoners, he decided to never commit a crime voluntarily again.

After being released from the jail, he became a priest at a Sai Temple in his hometown. From the very beginning, he was interested in worshipping Sai Baba and he is a Brahmin by caste which made it much easier for him to become a priest.

Soon afterwards, he started to miss his old lifestyle of flash and luxury, then finally he moved back to Delhi and made a very clever move of doing both the jobs simultaneously, while he was building his petty empire of prostitution in the night, he was also doing Satsangs and Sai Sandhyas in the mornings and evenings.

He became even bigger than what he was back in 1997, but he never could have dreamed of becoming what the media portrays him to be, he was just an average Delhi pimp.

One of the proofs is, when he was caught, he went to pick the client up in person, if a guy is worth Rs. 2500 crore, forget about him going to check the client in person, he wouldn't be able to talk to 10% of the clients on phone, this business makes you extremely busy. He is still in jail, we believe.

Anyways, Bhimanand wasn't the first godman to be caught doing the girlie business, there are several similar cases that come to the vision of a common man each decade, in Los Angeles, a priest used to use sex rituals as a front for his prostitution business, Rasputin and OSHO were indirect pimps, a Rabbi also used to use sex rituals as a front for his prostitution business, we are yet to hear about a Molvi doing the same. These are just some of the cases that come to our mind while we think about Swami Bhimanand Ji.

Most of the Tantra Gurus are also using Tantra as a front for their prostitution business. These tantra gurus are special because they take equal money from both the sexes. We do not want to name them here but you just have to do a quick Google search and there will be hundreds of them close to you.