Teotihuacan City and its Ancient Erotic Depictions Explored

Posted on : November 16

Each and every ancient civilization was obsessed with erotic depictions. Several civilizations believed that the woman going through a sexual hysteria is not a common lady but a Goddess.

Several professors and historians claim that there was a ritual among the young men of Teotihuacan city where they used to worship the woman having sexual hysteria and the man whom the Goddess selected was considered to be an extremely lucky and blessed man and he would become the husband of that woman. The couple was encouraged to have sex until the woman becomes pregnant.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the Native Americans of the Pre-Columbian era used to live very differently than the Europeans, Asians, Mughals, Arabs, Indians, Jews, etc.  Perhaps, they were much more intelligent than all of us, as their life was not as complex as ours, the lived a very simple and comfortable life.

The men of the Pre-Columbian America are depicted as very fit and strong. They also knew the benefits of physical exercise and hence, they never used any animal to carry the adobe bricks, mud-bricks and whatever else they used to build their buildings and stuff.

Most of the Native Americans and especially the best of them were wiped out by the Europeans, so perhaps we will never know the exact truth. We will soon talk more about the ancient erotic depictions in our upcoming posts though.