How Media Manipulates Young Minds? How can women put on lean muscle?

Posted on : December 23

We have been told for millenniums what to look like and what not. Until the early 1970s, a hairy man used to be looked upon as a man of virility and valor. Today, a hairy man is considered cheap and slobby.

In the 1910s, a lady having a long neck, sloped shoulders and big curls with a little curvy body was considered stunning. Gibson Girl Evelyn Nesbit used to look just like this and became the world’s first supermodel. She used to be considered as the world’s most beautiful woman back in the day.

In the 1920s, Mary Pickford, a five feet tall woman used to be cited as the ideal archetype of a gorgeous woman. Cleavage was gone! A flat-chested look was all the rage. Almost every woman wanted to look as petite and vertically straight as an arrow.

In the 1930s, Jean Harlow, a blonde actress ruled the beauty scene with her 34B bust and a slightly thick waist.

Then in the 1940s, every woman wanted to look like Katherine Hepburn and Lauren Bacall, in the 1950s every wanted the hourglass figure of Elizabeth Taylor or Marilyn Monroe, in the 1960s, Jean Shrimpton and Sophia Loren, 1970s Farrah Fawcett, 1980s Elle Macpherson, 1990s Kate Moss, 2000s Giselle Bundchen and nowadays its none other than Kim Kardashian.

Woman of today is smart enough to know what is right and what is wrong for her. She knows that the mainstream media is nothing but a Fool-maker.

Physically strong women have always been admired in certain parts of the world. Not only because a physically strong woman is considered beautiful there, not only because she is physically tougher and can do stuff which other women can’t do, not only because she appears healthier and more energetic, not only because she is more equipped to protect herself, these certain cultures claim that there is a very strong aura that comes from a physically strong woman that she doesn’t know about herself.

Mainstream Media has been able to befool us for years into believing that a muscular and strong woman looks very masculine and ugly. A woman with muscles looks as masculine as a man used to look wearing pastels in the Miami Vice era. Being muscular doesn’t have any significant effect on a woman’s hormonal levels until and unless she starts using unnatural means to get bigger, e.g. steroids.

The woman of today knows the need of the hour and she knows how beneficial it is for her to grow muscles.  Almost every woman in each developed country is a member at some gym and most chances are she doesn’t only go there for a cardio but to develop and grow her muscles as well.

Here are some proven tips for accelerating your muscle growth if you are a woman:-

  • Alter your exercises regularly throughout the week
  • Your Gym Instructor is an Expert – It’s always better to obey your gym instructor than to follow what random strangers on the internet forums have to say. The people giving advice on the internet forums usually have an agenda that they want to promote and some troll advices are so dangerous that they may even cost you your life.
  • Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian – Personally, I have been non-vegetarian for the first half of my life and then vegetarian for the rest half. Non-vegetarian food is good for bodybuilding but it is not good for the brain and this I do say from my personal experience. Non-vegetarian food makes you unfocused and unmotivated while a healthy vegetarian diet is very good for brain, particularly raw vegetables, raw carrots are my personal favorite.
  • Eat as much health food as you can – Don’t be like this food doesn’t have much magnesium, this one is full of calcium, this is full of protein, etc, you are certain to drive yourself crazy if you go like that, crazy to such an extent that you might even get sick of thinking about building muscles all the time and end up giving up on it forever.
  • Every Nutrient is Precious – Don’t follow the foolish advice on the magazines, forums, Television, etc, that you should not eat this health food but you should eat that health food, it’s rich in protein so only eat this all the time. You must diversify your diet as much as you can and while enjoying it. It took our ancestors millenniums to discover what is good for your health and what is not, which food will increase your muscles, which food will make your skin glow, which one will improve your memory and then these so-called scientists and doctors come to tell us which nutrient is harmful and which one is good and all that non-sense. Let me tell you something, doctors and scientists haven’t discovered 99% of the nutrients yet, so they only talk in relation to the 1% they know about, start following a scientist or a doctor in the context of your diet once they come up with the names of the rest 99% nutrients they haven’t been able to discover yet. I am still trying to remind me of a good-looking doctor that I last saw. I think there is none of them.

It is also very important to know what you need not do to accelerate the growth of your muscle mass. Here are some tips:-

  • Avoid as much Junk food as you can – Our body is intelligent enough to tell us which food is good for us and which not. Unfortunately, we don’t try hard enough to let it convey the same. No matter how much the amateurs or the popular bodybuilders tell you that calories are calories, sugar is sugar, whether you get it from a McDonald’s Burger, a Pizza, a pastry or a fruit, it’s the same. Let me give you my example, I eat tons of fruits but I never felt any complication in digesting them no matter how much of them I took but whenever I eat something which is considered junk food, I start feeling very uncomfortable. It’s not a placebo, I am talking from my experience of decades.
  • Do Not be a Protein Junkie – While protein is necessary for muscle growth, it’s not the only factor if you want to grow your muscles, there are a million others, trust me. Excess of everything is bad. Enjoy your protein shake every day until and unless it doesn’t give you any problems. Over consumption of protein may cause many temporary complications including bloating, constipation, weight gain, dehydration, if you have any of these complications, stop taking your protein shake for some time and only continue if you feel like it. Again, after starting if you develop any of these complications, I recommend you to stop taking your protein shake permanently.
  • A complete Vegan Diet is Unhealthy – While one of the most popular in the world “The Great Khali” is a vegetarian, he is not a vegan. I see vegans all over the world nowadays, and I am yet to see a vegan who is a “Real Bodybuilder”, there are many self-proclaimed vegan bodybuilders but they don’t have much of the muscle neither the charisma of a bodybuilder. A complete vegan diet is unhealthy and it will keep you low on energy all the time. It’s coming from my personal experience.
  • Don’t fall in the Sweet Trap – I am sick of hearing too much bad things about carbohydrates, fructose, dextrose, glucose, etc. While they may be a little bad for you in excess, even though I am not sure whether may be bad for you at all, because I think they are good for you if they are coming from the organic foods. Not only good, they are an integral part of your body, without things like carbohydrates, fructose, glucose, etc, you can’t function the way you are supposed to. These are all very good source of energy that increases your life force or at the least maintains it, always remember “No Life Force = No Energy = No Will to Live = Suicidal Tendencies”.
  • Supplements are Okay but Do Not Rely too much on them – It’s my personal advice that supplements other than Creatine and Protein are nothing but placebo for bodybuilding. It’s better to stay off them if you they put a strain on your budget otherwise you are free to do whatever you want to. Please remember to never take an overdose of any of the supplements, it can have disastrous effects on your body and brain sometimes. It’s only good to seek advice from the strangers on the BodyBuilding Forums for the right dosage of the supplement if it has not been mentioned on the bottle of the supplement already. Whenever you do seek an advice, mind that you always follow the most modest one. If you feel no side effects after taking that dosage then you can slightly increase the dosage but never jump straight from 100mg to 500mg. Again, it can be very dangerous and sometimes the side effects might stay with you forever.
  • Don’t Rely too much on the Herbs – There’s a very prosperous scam that is seen in every part of the world. I call it “The Herbal Scam”. Chinese and Indian herbs that claim to solve every problem of your life. Can’t build enough muscles? Try Ashwagandha or Musli or Reishi or all of them together. Some even go to such an extent that they claim these herbs can make you immortal. Wow! I think that is the only reason these both countries have such a large population, the oldies never died there. I have tried almost each of those herbs and these herbs are nothing but a way to transfer money from your pockets into those of them scammers. You are free to try them if you want to but you have my personal assurance that you are not going to go a long way with it.
  • Don’t compare yourself with men when it comes to bodybuilding – Adult Males have 5 to 20 times more testosterone than women. Testosterone is a major and one of the most significant contributors to the rate of muscle growth along with another male hormone called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). It means that an average woman can never develop at the rate an average man can. Nothing to be disappointed about. An average man can never be as attractive, charismatic, magnetic as an average woman. It’s unfair to compare apples with oranges.
  • Never Take Steroids – Even the biggest of the bodybuilders whom are whatever they are because of the steroids regret taking it. Don’t fall into this trap.

Don’t Be Obsessed with Bodybuilding – While it’s a great thing to have muscles, no matter you are a male or a female. It’s very bad to be obsessed with it. Take as much guidance from real health experts that you know for sure are real and your gym instructor and don’t stress over why you haven’t been able to build muscles yet. There’s always a morning after dark, it takes some people more time than the others to build muscles, have patience and you will be good. The main aim of bodybuilding is not to make you look muscular but it is to provide the benefits that come from it, e.g. preventing osteoporosis in the older age, improving energy levels, improving sleep and mental health, etc.