Who were the top 5 female escorts of New Delhi in the year 2016?

Posted on : January 23,

1. Galina - Delhi has always been obsessed with Blonde Russian girls and that's one of the reasons why Galina is our no.1 escort girl for more than a year. No doubt that her young and a great body at this young age played a big role in the same but one of the major reasons behind her being no.1 is her nationality and blonde hair.


2. Vanessa - Vanessa is one of the very few Latin escort girls in New Delhi and we find it very astonishing that she has never been able to be the no.1 female escort in New Delhi. She has got it all - the body, face, curves, smile, appetite for fun, and much more. She has been with us for 2 years and her client retention rate is unbelievable, still she is no.2.


3. Reshma - The word stunning doesn't do justice to Reshma's curves. Reshma has been working with us for 3 years and although she ranks no.3 on Delhi chart, she is without a doubt, the hottest escort lady in Gurgaon.


4. Sayema - Sayema drives every man she meets crazy for her. Sayema could be Delhi's hottest escort if she wasn't busy traveling around the world with her regular clients.


5. Anushka - Anushka has been with us for only about 8 months and becoming the 5th most popular Delhi escort in a matter of only 240 days is a big-big deal. Anushka is a pretty face with a bubbly personality and nice body. We are sure that she will be the no.1 Delhi escort one day, which is one of the greatest achievements looking at the tough competition.