The Tough Competition Among New Delhi's Escort Agencies is Quite Popular but...

Posted on : February 4,

Gone are the days when Journalists from Newspaper and News Channels used to call us almost every day and offered huge amounts of cash to have an interview with our Russian girls. We are too happy about the same because not only us, but every escort agency and independent escort girl used to refuse them. They couldn't ever get a single interview from the real person.

What they did next was nothing less than a comedy flick. One TV News Channel hired a cheaper from the NOIDA Film City and asked him some questions like:-

1.      What is the reason behind escort agencies recruiting Air Hostesses and Models to work for them?

Answer by Cheaper – Competition (Shivering)

2.      What has made escort agencies in New Delhi so technologically advanced over the years?

Answer by Cheaper – Competition (Shivering)

3.      Do you have Russian girls working with you?

Answer by Cheaper – Yes, I do. Just because of tough competition.

4.      What is the profit ratio in the escort business?

Answer by Cheaper – It used to be great but is very tight nowadays, because of the tough competition.

The interview was full of comedy, but I can’t recall more moments. I will make another post if I get to recall other questions and answers of the interview.