Men and Women are Made for Each Other Not for the Pixels

Posted on : February 12

Conspiracies are boring. Conspiracy theories may sound fun to some, but they are very boring in reality.

Porn became mainstream in the sexy 70s. Kay Parker, Honey Wilder, Aunt Peg, Seka, etc were household names in the 70s. 

Please don’t think that we are promoting the porn industry here. We have nothing to do with the porn industry. We are neither against nor in favor of porn. We just want to convey what we feel about certain things here.

Before becoming mainstream and even after the porn had become mainstream, several people in the media, very few in the Hollywood; about half of the politicians and most of the general public of USA were against the porn. Still, they found it prudent to make it mainstream almost like Hollywood Movies.

Every decent society knew the harms of drugs long before the 70s. They never considered porn to be as a drug. If the scientists claim that it works similar to a drug, perhaps it does for certain people or maybe for most people.

The number of websites that popped up in a recent couple of years claiming porn to be more destructive than most illegal drugs is staggering. We received a mail yesterday from a similar website that goes by the name Fight the New Drug, FTND in short. Why are they mailing us? Is there propaganda behind the scene? We checked the website, and it looked more like a scam. They are asking for donations on their website, have an online store on the same website that sells cheap $5 tees for $20, almost everything was priced 4 times of the normal on their store. Almost 90% of the information on the website was unverifiable, women claiming to be ex-pornstars that don’t want to let the world know their stage names. Hey, that’s idiotic, you got nude in front of the world hundreds of times, had sex with several men at once on camera and now you don’t want us to know your name. How do we know that you are genuine?

There was this chubby girl named Jessica who claimed that she used to get abused on the set, and she didn’t even tell her stage name. She was crying like a baby and was wearing mud on her face instead of make-up. All seemed fake propaganda to us. Anyways, we don’t understand the need to watch porn if you have money in your pocket to hire hot female escorts, if you don’t have the greens or yellow or blue, whatever they are in your country then it’s a different story.

Hire top notch independent escort girls with us or any nice agency and stay happy. Our clients don’t have the time to read all those BS stories on fake websites like FTND or anything similar to that. You too won’t feel like reading all that BS after you have start having fun with real women. Men and women are made to enjoy each other as much as possible, not to wank watching pixel women or to watch some fake person crying on Youtube with dust applied voluntarily on her face.