But my Delhi escort girl must be sexy and elegant

Posted on : March 6, 20

This guy called us last night. What a funny guy!
He was trying to speak in a British accent but it made him only sound idiotic. He first said that he wanted to spend time with Reshma then he said that he wanted Galina then he said that they are 3 friends and they want 3 different girls. He said now they want Aamna, Rakshanda and Vanessa. He pronounced Vanessa as “Vaneesha”. I said we don’t have Vaneesha, and not to mock him, but because I was unable to understand who is he talking about.
He said they wanted the girls for entire night. He claimed that they are staying at the Iris Park Hotel in Safdarjung Enclave. He asked me about the charges, I told him 30, 000 INR per girl for entire night, he said that his friend availed our services once and he paid only Rs. 2000 for Sayema for overnight. I couldn’t stop laughing. I am still laughing as I am writing the post. Our charges are non-negotiable and we never charged anybody Rs. 2000 in our entire career. Please don’t make up stories when you call us, only say as it is, don’t try to be smart.